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How We Work Together

We build on the strength of the individuals involved. Whether it's a communications manager, an account director, a media sales manager, it is worth getting to understand all the points of view for best results. We start with a conversation and build a plan from there, as a team.

We mentioned that we are nimble, and that simply means that we can accommodate as small or as great a role as you need. We can come in as your media planning consultant and develop a budget and strategy, we can evaluate your media options and provide recommendations, or we can simply negotiate with the media on your behalf, and place the buy. We work at a fair price and create contracts based on individual need.

If you would like to test our skill level, try us out and ask any question regarding your media strategy - one question - and we'll give you some free feedback, a direction or a solution. Contact jude@buymedia.org, include 'media inquiry' in your header, and we'll get back to you with appropriate haste!

If you have a project in mind and would like to talk about it, contact jude@buymedia.org, include "media project" in your header and provide your phone number, and we'll call you directly to set up an appointment.